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Over Easy in East Wendover January 6, 2009

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On “Running From From My life”

“Over easy … you know Doll, just how I would like to turn you over in the middle of the night and…,” I said to the beautiful, too young for me, and quite unavailable Ruby- because flirting is something I have always done, whether the women were young /old  pretty/ugly it  did not matter- and just because I had gotten older, wiser, and balder,  it was not going to change.

What did stop me however, was the shooting pain in my right hand, from the fork Wendy had stuck in me. It went almost clear through the fleshy part between my thumb and index finger. I recoiled my hand instinctively towards my mouth and and stuck myself in the eye with the handle increasing the volume of the now steady howl of pain.

“Fuck you Bill. I know you are just using me for my money, until you can find a younger pretty girl to use. Well flirt with this…” Wendy screamed.

Ruby was just in shock and did not move as Wendy picked up a half-full bottle of Heinz Ketchup and swung it across the table catching me just above the right eye.

” … and you. You little tramp, ” Wendy growled right at the stunned Ruby, “Why don’t you just stick to flirting with your uncles and the prophets in your little community!”

Wendy got up and left  Mom & Pop & Mom’s Diner with the bottle of ketchup still in hand.

As I lay face down on the table, blood pooling around my face (maybe it was ketchup) losing consciousness, the last thing I heard was the smash of glass from the parking lot and Wendy screaming,

“This is what happens when your poor choices “Catch Up” to you Bill”. The Bitch had thrown the bottle of ketchup through the driver side widow of my Bitchin’ Camaro.

As Ruby and her “Dad” came to me with a towel in one hand and dialing 911 on a phone with the other, the last thing that went through my mind was,

“How could I have made better choices, and well…, how the hell was I going to get the ketchup stains out of  Olivia’s seats?”

Make a Better Choice



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