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Scrambled Eggs, Shattered Glass and Broken Hearts January 6, 2009

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previouslyPreviously on “Running From My Life”

“As scrambled as my brain after a night of tequila paralysers, cheap cocaine and taking Billy Clubs to the head repeatedly from the Spokane Police.” I said with a dire tone and crossed eyes.

“Is that something that happened to you Mr. William?”, she asked with wide eyes.

“No. Not Last night any ways, but 3 years ago I was driving a friend from Calgary to St Louis  and….”

“Not now Bill, lets just  have breakfast and get to the bank. ” Wendy interupted tersely.

“The lady is right Ruby, any more stories will have to wait until later.”

“Ok Mr. William, but I am stating to think you are joshing me.” and she went back to the kitchen to place our orders.

” Seriously Bill I am starting to wonder if there is any truth to the things you have told me. If that really your name? Are you on your way to Reno to visit your mother? Will you be there when I get there with an apartment and a job?” She was starting to get worked up again and questioning the choices she had made, and she had a right to. I needed the money she was contributing, to get an apartment set up. Although it was not really for an apartment, not yet anyways, first it had to be used get some income flowing.

“Babe take a deep breath. I was just telling Ruby a story that took her out of the isolated and sheltered life she is buried in here. You can see how her eyes light up when I get going.” she was pulling nervously at her hair as I talked so I reached across and grabbed her hand and held it. The peroxide had damaged her hair permanently and any time she did this it came out in her hands. Her hair was just a tad thinner on the right side of her head from this nervous habit.

“Don’t touch me you jackass. Why don’t you just wrap Ruby up and take her to Reno with you. Maybe she can get the money you need from her Sister/ Wives..”

“Wendy do not do this. You know what we shared this week. It was fate when I met you at the black jack table. You want out of this hell hole and I am the ticket there…., ” at least I got her name right this time.

bill at diner

I was blinded by the luke warm coffee that flew across the table. For dramatic effect, I screamed like it was hot but really it was no different than any time a woman had thrown a drink in my face  at the bar. Still I had an appreciation for melodrama that was fine tuned by my guilty pleasure- teenage melodramas (The O.C. was still my favourite)

“Go to fuckin’ hell Bill.”  and with that she was up from the table and out the door. I took a couple of napkins and wiped the coffee from my face and looked out the window and watched as Wendy through a rock through Olivia’s driver side window. Everyone in the diner  could hear her scream, “Maybe now you will remember my name when you are fucking someone else and when the wind through the window messes up your thinning mullet!”

My hair and my car in one fell swoop. She knew how to hit me where it hurts. Ruby and Mom were coming from the back to see where al this commotion has come from all of the sudden. In the last week they had grown a custom to Wendy’s dramatic outbursts, but never with the sound of breaking glass.

“Mr William, what happened?” Ruby asked as her “Father” went out into the parking lot.

“Oh, Wendy is just reexamining here options…..

choice-aTo See If Ruby Wants the Hell Out

choice-bExamine Your Options on the John



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