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Sunny Side Up January 6, 2009

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previouslyOn “Running From My Life”

“Sunny side up Ruby, my day has gotten better with each second since the sun rose.” I said just a little over the top but with a smile as wide as the Utah desert and cupping the side of Wendy’s face with my right hand and I leaned in and kissed her.

“Aw, that it just so romantic Mr William. If you two aren’t just the cutest outlaws I have ever met.”

“You … Are… One … Smooth… talking bastard Billy.” and she kissed me on the lips in between the words, “Sometimes I fear I will regret running away with you, but at moment like this I can not help but feel we were meant to take off across the desert together!”

We played footsies under the table and quietly drank our coffees until Ruby brought us our breakfast. “The It Killed My Father Special” for me and two slices of french toast for the lady. ” It is 8:30 now and the bank opens at 9:30. We will go  pack up after breakfast and go to the bank. I will drop you off at work and then I will get on the road. I have a line on an apartment in Reno and it will be set up with in the week. You get your last check  next Friday and you can take the bus to meet me in Reno.”

“Are you sure $2000 is enough.” Wendy asked. She did not have any more than that but the desire to make me happy was a good sign. We had cleared the little hurdle  this morning. I was afraid she was going to back out . I needed that money if I was going to pay off those bastards and get what was mine back.

“Yeah, it wont be no palace but it will be ours to make our own, babe.” Wendy almost visible melted in the booth. She is a hard jaded 45. Never married but dumped more often than she could count on two hands and one foot. She chose men that promised the world and made the grand romantic gestures but had little to back up the promises (like me). The grand romantic gestures were Wendover Bus station grand not Grand Central Station grand. Everything is relative.

I suppose I feel some twinge of guilt that I am taking her for her life savings. I was even starting to enjoy her company. She could hurl obscenities like any farmer in Calmar and when she was taking a strip off me I felt important. I was not here to make someone’s life complete (even mine)  I was here to get to Reno… alone with $2000 and the shit in Olivia’s trunk.

“That’ll be $8:50 Mr William” Ruby says after we had scarfed down our food and finished the coffee. “Are you going away today?”

“Yes Ruby, my time in east Wendover is over for now. Thank You for the good service and bright smile the last week.” I said as I handed the bill across the table to Wendy.

“I sure will miss you guys and your stories. I want to go up to Edmonton and see this mall and meet more people that have seen the world and broken all the rules, ” she sighed too heavily for a  girl of 22, ” I want to break rules and make some people’s eyes bug out of their heads. Someday”

“Take this Ruby.” I handed her a card with my email, Facebook, and web site on it.

“Oh you think the tales he spins in person are bad. Wait until you read what he writes. ” Wendy exclaimed while rolling her eyes. ” Really after what you have put me through this morning you want me to pay for this?”

“Well uh, yeah. What do you expect me to pay it with? Dirty underwear and ashtrays I have stolen from motels? Because that is all I have in the trunk of my car.” Wendy just looked at me. She knew this routine and it was a formality we went through every time. ” And make sure you leave the lovely Ruby a generous tip.  I don’t want you to make me look cheep!” I stood up and ran for the can just as she fired a fork in my direction.

As I stood at the urinal peeing way slower than was probably right, I thought about Wendy. I liked her. Could I some how do the right thing and make this work? I was tired of being alone. I had not been in a steady relationship since my still legal marriage in 1997. My life had been a series of one night stands with middle aged women flirting with ugly after years of smoking and alcohol abuse and 10 dollar hookers with more scars on their arms than teeth in their mouths.

Wendy was some how different.



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