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Stealing Another Man’s 3rd Wife January 13, 2009

Posted by billynorton in Choose Your Own Adventure.
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previously– On “Running From My Life”

Well Damn I knew that she might get spooked at the last moment but never did I imagine she would hurt Olivia and remind me that I have seen better hair days. Is nothing sacred anymore. I have to think quick. I have to get to Reno and I have no money for gas.

“Ruby doll, how would you like to see the world outside of Wendover?” I turn to the still stunned Ruby.

“Ruby, can you hear me? Ruby?”

“I am sorry mister William. What did you say? I can not believe she just did that. It was so sudden. She was nice one moment and then saying mean things to me and ….,” She was babbling but a smile was creeping on to her face. It was now or never.

“Come with me Ruby. Come to Reno. I will show you a life that you never new existed. The sound of screaming sirens bearing down on us as we cross the dessert. The bright lights of Reno. A chance to taste the the adrenaline. Loud lewd music and the odor of a fine cigar.” I stood up and touched her shoulder. ” There are place out there waiting to experienced. Leave this drab diner and ride shotgun with me.”

Ruby was silent. She was thinking, dreaming. ” I can not Mr William. I cant leave Gabriel my father. He needs me to help him here.”

“Gabriel be damned, Ruby. We both know he is not your father. This diner is the end of the road in that life. We were the only customers for the last week. Does Gabriel know you are taking birth control pills?”

“What do you….” she stammered and looked outside to see if Gabriel was still there and not  over her shoulder.

“Come now Ruby. Why else have you not given him more children. You know you want to leave him someday and you did not want to be tied down by a child.”

“I did not want to bring a child into this….. to be married off to some old man at 14…” There was anger in her voice now

“How do you feel when he comes to you at night….”

“I hate him. I hate my parents for giving me to him….. ”

“This is you chance. Come with me now. We can be gone before he notices you are gone.” She was undoing her apron and a spark came to her eye. We were going.

” I will meet you at the car. Come out after Gabriel Comes back in. Be calm.”

I went out to Olivia. Gabriel was sweeping up the glass in the parking lot.

“I am sorry Will. Woman are an unpredictable lot if you do not keep them in their place. Fortunately it does not rain much this time of year. You should be fine until Reno.” Gabriel said dispassionately. Irony was probably against his religion so there is no way he was going to get any chuckles out of what was coming next. He took the dust pan of glass and headed back inside.

I still needed money and I doubt Ruby had any stashed anywhere.

I wonder if Gabriel had any here?

Ruby came from around back now wearing a jean jacket over her full length dress. That dress is going to make getaways a pain I thought.

She hopped in the passenger side and I got in the drivers side (brushing glass off the seat).  Does Gabriel keep any money in the Diner?”

“I thought you might ask Mr William.” and she pulled out an envelope from her pocket. ” Don’t you worry… I paid you tab for you before you left.” She smiled a wicked smile. “Lets get out of here before he realizes I left my birth control pills in the safe instead”



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