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I Am William M Norton

The Maestro

The Maestro

I am 42 year old male from Calmar Alberta Canada. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I now am on the road with Olivia my 1985 Bitchin’ Camaro. I finished high school when the government said I was too old to be hitting on high school girls and then got a job in the local Feedlot plant, where I developed  respiratory problems and fertility issues- because of the unsafe use of chemicals in the plant. For this I received a settlement from WCB to the tune of $43 000 in 1992.

Not one to be shortsighted and irresponsible with such a windfall,l  I paid  $6000 for Olivia and invested 1/2 of the rest in some “Natural Herbs” from B.C., that would pay untold dividends over the next 5 year. Between that and my Bitchin’ Camaro, I was able to get laid  every Friday and Saturday night at the Willow hotel in Calmar -by any one of the 5 available women.

There I met my first wife Penny Stanton. I knocked her up most likely in bathroom of the Willow in 1996 and we were married a full month before my son Tristan ( mother’s idea) was born in April of 1997.

Legally we are still married but I have not talked to either my wife of son since New years Eve 1999.

Its a long story



1. mylesfromnowhere - February 3, 2009

You are a malajusted misanthrope…. I was to strangle you with my scarf

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