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Dont Worry Kids… February 3, 2009

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Sources report that it was not actually pot.

Scientists discover new way of taking steroids

Scientists discover new way of taking steroids

Leading doping scientist have discovered a way taking anabolic steroid that can  not be detected  by conventional tests.

The Way of the Passive Aggressive Warrior January 26, 2009

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APPseudo Intellectual Publishing is pleased to announce the much delayed release of the sure to be modern classic from the grating William M Norton- The Way of The Passive Aggressive Warrior. Originally set to be released 2 years ago with Wentworth publishing, William moved it here, after the editor continually sabotaged his attempts to tell a story that would mock the world.

The Way of the Passive Aggressive Warrior

Someone like you might need the Coles Notes

“ I writed a book so revalutionry it scared the people that makes books. They want to change my words and what they mean. To there own purpose. I told them I would take the book to another book maker if they kept changing my motives, but they didnt believe me so here I am now. So now I give you the book you had the hear. If you don’t like It that is okay. Not everyone can get the meaning.” William M Norton author.

We have published the book the way it was meant to be read, un-rated, uncensored and dumbed down for the masses. So kick back and let yourself be inspired by a journey that will transform your life….. you know, if you are capable.

Here is an excerpt from The Way of the Passive Aggressive Warrior:

“You ugly bastard you kept me down all my life. You complained about the way I dressed and the women I married. So I dressed bad and married bitches just to spite you, because of that my life has been unhappy. Then I tried to be like you but I realized god does not want junk.” I said this looking at a plot of grass and an empty space where a head stone should be.

I mean to visit my dad ever year on Fathers Day, the anniversary of his death, but I get there by labour day if it suits me. Each year is the year I promise my brothers I will finally bring the head stone, and each year I talk to an empty plot of grassless dirt, much like my dad’s head ha ha…. Just kidding. The Stone was gathering moss in my backyard and now has a fuller head of hair than old baldy ever had. I use it as a block to prop up my Bitchin Camaro that will be fixed up soon!

Some thoughts on the book by leading critics

“I invited William Norton to speak at one of my seminars in Tahiti knowing full well he could not afford the flight and accommodations.” Tony Robbins– Motivational Speaker

“I do not have to take this guy’s shit. Say for instance that a coworker cheerfully agrees to refrain from a specified uncool act, and then does it anyway. Is this passive-aggressive behaviour? No, this is being an asshole. Comforting as it can be to pigeonhole our tormentors with off-the-shelf psychiatric diagnoses, sometimes its best just to call a jerk a jerk. Billy Norton you are a jerk” Dan Simpson– Harvard Review

Order the book now! Before its February 12th release and we will throw in a copy of The Cynical Bastard’s Prophecy for only $15.99. Can they can be yours? Only if you wife lets you use the Visa to shop online!

Just Leave Your Credit Card Information in the Comments section of this post and we will all be good!