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Barack Aint Black February 6, 2009

Posted by billynorton in Ranting and Rolling.
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He has been trumpeted as the Great Barack_Obama_portrait_2005Black hope; The First Black president; and A symbol of a changing America.

Sure, his father was Kenyan but Barack Obama’s Mother was white.

Black History Month teaches us that Black is as much about shared culture,  history and struggle as it is about the color of skin. Well, his White Grandmother raised him in Hawaii.

He has no familial connection to the slaves, forcibly brought to America in the 1600’s. His familial roots are closer to that of retired white people playing shuffleboard in Hawaii.

Barrack Obama is not the first black president from Chicago. He is the first white president from Hawaii

Now I will concede he is not as white as my bare ass but he aint as black MLK

Barack Obama is not a ghetto as Black America likes to think he is